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Massage Therapy Continuing Education – Recent Research Studies

Using Pressure Massage for Achilles Tendinopathy: A Single-Blind, Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing a Novel Treatment Versus an Eccentric Exercise Protocol, 2019. In this 2019 research study, researchers aimed to determine if pressure massage was a successful treatment option on the calf muscles for treating Achilles Tendinopathy. Researchers also wanted to compare pressure massage with Eccentric […]

Massage Therapy State Continuing Education Requirements

Alabama Alabama massage therapists are required to to complete 16 Massage Therapy Continuing Education hours every two years. For more information on Alabama Massage Therapy continuing education requirements, visit the board website at: http://www.almtbd.alabama.gov/default.aspx   Arizona Massage therapists in Arizona are required to complete 24 Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours every two years. Out of the 24 hours, only 12 […]

How Massage Therapy Can Help Patients Living With Alzheimer’s – Massage CEU

What is Alzheimer’s?   Alzheimer’s is a disease in which the patients loses their memory. When a patient has Alzheimer’s, they will forget their loved ones and forget basic life skills, such as feeding and dressing themselves and using the toilet. This usually happens to patients who are 65 or older. This also happens more […]

What Are The Benefits of Foam Rolling? – Massage Therapy Continuing Education

What is a Foam Roller? Foam rolling is another name for self-myofascial release. The purpose of the foam rollers is to release muscle tightness by applying pressure to specific points on your body. The specific points in your body that you should focus on is your ‘knots’ or your ‘trigger points’. These points cause pain […]